I recently moved. You know how fun that can be. But there’s one thing I love about moving, and that’s change. Some people hate change. They are unnerved by it. I love it and let me tell you why. It energizes me. It brings me hope for a brighter tomorrow. Change allows me to be the innovative, creative person I am. It reminds me almost every day that if I don’t like something, I can change it.

Since the move, my friends, both old and new, have all been asking me ‘Are you back to normal yet?’ or ‘Are you getting settled?’

I find myself hesitating before I answer. It’s not that I’m not happy where I am. It’s wonderful here! I am nestled in the North Georgia mountains and have an office/studio space that feels like it’s up in the tree tops. What’s not to like??

Mountain Meditation

But here’s the deal. I’m not sure I want to be ‘settled’. And I’m quite sure I don’t want everything back to ‘normal’. After all, why move if you’re just going to burrow in and make everything the same as it was in your old place. That’s one of the main reasons I move – to unsettle everything, to jostle the energy in my life just enough for new insights and new adventures.

So the next time it’s time for change, think about all the possibilities. How could you make that change to better suit you, to better suit those you love? Then move forward and make an awesome change!

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  • Here I am, fresh from you Facebook timeline announcement about a new website, so off I went. And it’s stunningly beautiful and easy to follow. THEN, I landed on this blog entry and was surprised that you’d moved. Obviously, there’s too much noise on Facebook to see the things I really WANT to see. I missed that news. So you’ve go all sorts of new things going on, and I hope they’re all good. I also saw your older burn-out entry here as well. You’d be preaching to the choir. I’ve learned to say “NO” to so many things, but still nearly fall into the trap if I don’t catch myself volunteering for one more EXTRA thing. Now I’m all about art, period. My dreams are coming true, and at 67, (coming up this month), I’ve got no time to waste on much other than my dreams. I will also have some VERY big news in that regard soon, but this is about you and your new site and move to the north. My best.

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