• Communicating a clear, compelling message on demand
  • Increasing exposure to your brand and your art
  • Growing your business, your profits, and your life

You can achieve this with good guidance and training. Elsie Porter’s Art of Marketing Art offers practical wisdom and is designed to help you succeed through your own unique style and story!




20 marketing tactics - Art of Marketing Art





The Art of Marketing Art is a premiere online business development program for artists and entrepreneurs. Join us for a 4-week online training program that teaches you how to use 20 essential online marketing strategies to increase your profits and your purpose through your art sales business. With the foundation of these 20 key insights, you’ll learn tactics and tools to develop, promote, and sell your work successfully.



Why This Program is For You

By following the weekly curriculum, reading each Insight and completing the corresponding exercises you’ll have the resources you need to help you take your business to the next level. This 4-week program will enable you to take action and build your business with purpose and clear intention. You’ll learn:

  • How to get clear about your gifts, your talents and your products
  • How, why and what you want to communicate to help your business blossom and grow
  • How to stay connected and build loyalty as the foundation for your growing business






What You Can Expect

Elsie Porter’s Art of Marketing Art training program was meticulously designed to provide:

  • STRUCTURE to build clarity around your product, momentum in your productivity and consistent connection with your ideal clients.
  • EDUCATION to master the marketing, mindset and movement of a successful business.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to help you stay on track and get the encouragement, support and celebration for goals set and reached.
  • STRATEGY to create and follow customized action plan for consistent sales and income







Course Description

Behind any great artist’s business is a great marketing strategy and a professional marketing plan. Elsie Porter is an artist, entrepreneur, and business management advisor. The Art of Marketing Art was designed by Elsie Porter to help other artists to create a profitable and marketable art business.

This course explores:

  • The role and importance of marketing for your success
  • How your marketing plan can be developed based on 20 key insights
  • How marketing can impact the success of your art business and your personal brand reputation

From there, you’ll cover the details of your marketing plan including the development, execution and measurement of your growth. Through The Art of Marketing Art you will examine the principles of personal leadership dynamics and motivation in order to focus and empower yourself to reach the goals you’ve set for your business.

Course Details
  • 4-week program
  • Lessons based on 20 essential marketing functions to build your art business
  • Your creation of an actionable, sustainable marketing plan
  • Bonus Power Pack
Legal Disclaimer

Elsie Porter makes every effort to ensure that she creates and presents the strategies in this program and their potential to help you be successful with marketing your work. However, there is no guarantee that you will be successful using the strategies of The Art of Marketing Art™. Your level of success is determined by many factors including your natural ability, level of skill, achievement, knowledge, personality, dedication and focus. You alone are responsible for your decisions, actions and results. This course is simply based on Elsie Porter’s knowledge, opinions and experience.