About Elsie Porter

As an artist, entrepreneur, and professional coach, Elsie Porter, understands what it takes to effectively communicate the value of your work and your personal brand. With 20 years of proven success painting beautiful works of art, she now empowers people from all walks of life to find and express their unique voice, resonate with an audience and deliver when it counts. Her pieces are displayed both publicly and privately in collections from New York to London. Elsie Porter also loves to display her artwork in trendy neighborhood restaurants in Atlanta where she currently resides.


Elsie Porter decided to develop The Art of Marketing Art so that she could provide a deeper level of service to other artists and entrepreneurs. Let Elsie help you gain clarity and share how to build your art business into a success.

Elsie Porter wants individuals to own who they are and do it to the best of their ability. She uses her eclectic nature, confidence, and passion to motivate creative artists to drive greater value for their work.


  When you take a chance, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and decide to live your dream, it feels awesome. No one can ever take that feeling away from you.